2021 Blackburn Family Gathering

July 31, 2021

COVID having created so much uncertainty, the Board of Directors of the Blackburn Family Association has decided to postpone the planned 2021 reunion in Wilmington until 2023. Our last reunion having been in Denver in 2018, the Board still wanted to host a socially-distanced opportunity this year so that cousins could stay connected. Therefore, the Association will host a picnic on the grounds of the current Menallen Friends Meetinghouse at 12:30pm on July 31st . Bring your own food, drink, chairs, blankets, etc. It will be an outdoor event, but it will happen rain or shine. The meetinghouse will be available for rest rooms only and there is some shelter on the grounds and lots of shade. The meetinghouse is located at 1107 Carlisle Rd., Biglerville, PA 17307. You can find their site here: Menallen Friends Meetinghouse

Having arrived in Pennsylvania in the Fall of 1736, the Blackburns moved to Menallen Township (near Biglerville, PA) in the Spring of 1737 when William Penn concluded a treaty with the Native American communities opening up the lands west of the Susquehanna River for settlement. The Blackburns were among the founders of the Quaker meeting at Menallen and established an apple orchard on their property not far from the original meetinghouse and cemetery. The year 2021 represents the 285th anniversary of their arrival. For more information on early Blackburn history, visit our Early History page.

Local Friends have generously offered to staff and open up some of the local historical meetinghouses and their adjacent cemeteries in advance of the picnic – roughly from 10:00am-12:15pm. (For more information, visit our page Directions to Key Sites in Quaker Valley.) At a minimum, visitors will want to visit the cemetery where the immigrant ancestors are buried and drive by the original property that was settled and developed by the those immigrants – 175 acres of land now owned and still operated as an orchard, 285 years later, by Adams County Nursery.

Reservations are not required and last minute visitors are welcome. If you can RSVP with a list of attendees, we can prepare name tags and some relationship charts so cousins can see how they are connected. We’ll also build an email list for the event for last minute instructions and ideas to make your trip more interesting. Send your RSVP to khowley@aol.com.

10:00-12:15 Visitation to Local Points of Interest
12:30-?? Blackburn Picnic