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Blackburn Beginnings (1988-2012)

The family’s quarterly newsletter, Blackburn Beginnings, has been the key repository for historical research on the early generations of the Blackburn Family. The newsletter has been published continuously since 1988 and the first 25 years (100 issues) can be accessed at the link above. Please note: This file is large and the download will take some time, but it’s worth it!

Final Report to the Blackburn Association (1903)

Rumors of a Blackburn fortune being left unclaimed in the Birtish Isles inspired Blackburn cousins from several branches to pool their resources in the late 19th century to pursue a hunt for that treasure. The rumor was put to rest (no fortune to be had), but the process and related genealogical findings provided the foundation for the establishment of the “new” Blackburn Family Association.

Blackburn and Allied Descendants (Gibson, 1978)

An overview of the early generations of some of the Blackburn family by Evelyn Gibson, including transcriptions of wills and reference to various military records.