Notable Kin

The following individuals are all descendants of the Blackburn family. You can find out how you are related by going to the Database and using the Relationship calculator.

ALLEN, John Beard (1845-1903) U.S. congressional delegate from Washington (1889); U.S. senator from Washington (1889-93).

BLACKBURN, Paul Cady  (1993- ) Pitcher, Major League Baseball (2017- ).

BLACKBURN, Tyler  (1986- ) Actor, including lead role on TV’s Pretty Little Liars.

CHOCOLA, Joseph Christopher (1962- ) U.S representative from Indiana (2003-07); president, Club for Growth (2009-2014).

DOUCE, William C. (1919-1999) Phillips Petroleum president (1980-82), chief executive (1980-85) and chairman (1982-85).

ELLIOT, James Ludlow (1943-2011) Astronomer; discoverer of the rings around Uranus (1977).

FORD, Gerald Rudolph Jr. (1913‐2006) U.S. representative from Michigan (1949‐73); U.S. vice president (1973); U.S. president (1973‐77).

FORD, Steven Meigs (1956- ) Actor, including The Young and the Restless (1981-1987).

HUTTON, Barbara Woolworth (1912‐1979) Original “Poor Little Rich Girl”; heiress to Woolworth fortune.

HUTTON, Edward Francis (1874‐1962) Partner, E.F. Hutton & Co.; Chairman, General Foods (1923‐25); Dir., Chrysler Corp., Zonite Products Corp.

KENT, Paula (1931-2014) Founder (1960), president (1960-72), chairwoman (1960-93) of Redken Laboratories; actress.

LIVINGSTON, Natalie Monique (1976- ) American soap opera actress; Emmy Award-winner (2005), Best Supporting Actress in daytime drama.

MERRILL, Dina (1923-2017) Actress; heiress to Hutton and Post fortunes; Dir., E.F. Hutton & Co.

MOUSER, Grant Earl (1868-1949) U.S. representative from Ohio (1905-09).

MOUSER, Grant Earl Jr. (1895-1943)  U.S. representative from Ohio (1929-33).

ONG, John Doyle (1933‐ ) B.F. Goodrich Co. pres. (1975‐97), dir. (1975‐97), chairman (1979‐97); U.S. ambassador to Norway (2001-05).

PENNOCK, Herbert Jefferis (1894‐1948) Hall of Fame pitcher, Major League Baseball (1912-34).

PETERSON, Martha Elizabeth (1916‐2006) First woman elected to Exxon Board of Directors; pres., Beloit (1975‐81) and Barnard (1967‐75) colleges.

SHAW, Helen Alliene (1897-1997) Actress, including role as “Grandma” in Parenthood (1989).

SHIMER, Brian Lee (1962- ) Olympic medal winner (2002, Salt Lake City) for 4-man bobsleigh; several world bobsleigh championships.

SUTTER, Trista Nicole (Rehn) (1972- ) First ABC Bachelorette (2003).

TANNER, Joseph Richard (1950- ) Astronaut, including four U.S. Space Shuttle missions.

WHITE, Shaun Roger (1986- ) Olympic Gold medalist in the snowboard halfpipe (2006, 2010, 2018) and holds record for most snowboard Gold medals in the X Games.

WRIGHT, Jamey Alan (1974- ) Pitcher, Major League Baseball (1996-2014).