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Chris Carl


I am researching the genealogy for Edwin Oates. His wife was Mary Ann Edwards whose parents were John Joseph Edward and Jane Blackbourn. Jane’s parents were George Blackbourn and Martha Boyes Nevitt. Would these ancestors also be part of your Blackbourn ancestry?

Deanna Lawson


Hi, I just found out about the Blackburn Family site. My great grandmother was Stella Blackburn (1880). Her father was Abe Blackburn (1853), and his father was John M. Blackburn (1818), who’s father was Anthony Blackburn (1778), who’s father was Thomas Blackburn (1744), who’s father was John Blackburn (1720), who’s father was John Blackburn SR (1676), who’s father was John I. Blackburn (1643).

My grandmother was born Bell, Clearfield PA.

I am excited to find a link to my grandmother’s past. My family was not open to discussing family when growing up, so I had little to nothing to go on regarding my great grandmother until I started researching my family history. I was so excited to find out her family history comes from Ireland. I found that my grandmother’s father Abel Blackburn was born in Bedford PA. I have found that somehow my great grandmother met my Great grandfather in Jennings Louisiana and married 1902 and my Great-great grandparents (blackburns) and my great-grand parents along with my grandfather moved to Oregon some time after my grand father was a young teen.
I want to join the group and learn more about the Blackburns history and extended family.

I also wanted to know if you can help me with how to get to the little town Ballyhagen Armach Ireland and Loughgall Armagh Ireland. We are planning to go sometime this year to Ireland and I want to see the place that my heritage started. Any pointers and tips. I want to see the countryside of Ireland, not the commercial settings. I understand in 2010 and 2004 the association did a pilgrimage to the Blackburn homeland and in 2012 you had a reunion in the USA.

Any information on how I can become a part of the Blackburn family would be greatly appreciated.

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